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In conversation with music producer Mystik Vybe

Bucharest born DJ Mystik Vybe began his fascination with music from a young age, playing a varied range of instruments. He began appreciating the electronic music scene in the ’90s after discovering music from the likes of John Digweed, Deep […]

Interview with House Music DJ and Producer Elysia

Purveyor of infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere, Elysia is a DJ and producer with a particular love for tech, deep and vocal house cuts. Elysia has graced the decks of venues such as London’s Egg and Ministry of […]

[PREMIERE] DJ/Producer Elysia shares new House single ‘Get Down’

Elysia’s passion isn’t just performing on the decks, but it is also producing music, she loves creating a sound that comes from the heart and is original to her!  The journey began in 2015 and she found herself having a […]

If you listen to a lot of house music, then you will eventually become a House Head.
We embrace that idea.

House Head invites you into the madhouse into a world of constant updates on new releases, interviews with upcoming artists and the latest house music news.

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